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    May 15, 2013
    2:30 - 3:01am PDT  

tonight. now we will have the budget hearing process statements from supervisor farrell. >> thank you for hearing your comments tonight. it's great to hear from the community. and sorry if not everyone got a chance to speak tonight. wanted to give you a quick time frame in terms of the budget process and city hall. over the next two months we will have different departments and finance committee, it's open to the public. you are welcome to attend the the mayor and the staff will present the budget to the board of supervisors in early june. and we will review for a month. and we will hold hearings in city hall, again open to the public. and we aim to present to the board of supervisors and have it
signed by middle of the year. please come and let your voices be heard. and thank you again for all of your comments tonight. thank you. >> and now we will hear from supervisor cohen and supervisor avalos and mayor lee. >> all right, i know there are some people in the audience that still want an opportunity to speak. i want to let you know, i will speak on behalf for you mr. avalos. but it's an opportunity that we welcome everyone that wants to meet with us, can come and talk to us about the budget. i want to appreciate everyone that came out. everyone that came out, it's important to be a part of this conversation. that's about it. there you go. >> thank you for being here, i
will stay longer, we have to get home kids have homework. but i will stay longer. our process as a city needs to reflect the great needs we have here in district 10 and 11. and one thing we have is lots of senior and young people. and we have higher levels of poverty in this district. that our city needs to respond to. something that i am committed to work on and hear from more you on how i can be supportive. thank you. >> rather than listen to me, i will yield my time to you. please go up there now and give us your two minutes, okay. i got these two in front of me. let them finish. go ahead. >> my name is robert woods. i have been working in this community since 1972.
working with avallo when he was mayor of san francisco. when i worked in the community, i saw the community working and making money. and not on their knees like they are now. and for anybody to be less than human, and you don't recognize that. the community is crippled and they need help. they need help. they don't need no promises, they need help. and i say to you that i didn't just get off the tomato truck today. this is something that we have been dealing with for a long time. and for you to come here and to deny us a chance to speak to this group. i am sorry that -- i do not like being ignored.
especially when the community need help. and i say to you, whatever this community needs, give it to them. because number one i come out here every day and i teach a ged math class for adu. i ain't making no money. but i tell you what, it's something that i know that the community needs. we got six people who passed the ged test and no one really expected us to have that many people. so i come here every day to put in my time. because i look for the community that need my help. i am an architect by education. i spent time in the neighborhood. i director of housing for the city of atlanta empowerment
agency. i been around. i been around. so i do not like what i see when i drive down third street. it don't make me feel good. if any of y'all drive third street and feel good? i say this is not the place for you. thank you. >> i want to thank you mayor. you know this is my community. espinola jackson, dr. espinola jackson's community. and when i raise my hand for them to pick up if one wants to have something to say. i had my hand in the air first, i don't know how i got behind. i ran behind for the speakers,
they don't know the services we have in this building here in this community college. we have second language here, and no one should be ignored. everything was talked about except aids prevalent here in bayview hunter's point. we want to see a change in that and also in education, transportation. we have turk out in this community. our young people cannot go to school unless they are jumped upon. this needs to be stopped. and only you can stop this, and help our young people get an education each across town. someone spoke about the transportation. i want to say this, when that third street rail was built. they didn't finish it. they started it. it was supposed to go all the way to city college, but it
didn't go there. mr. mayor, i want to say this to you, and i be finished because i can talk to you later ----okay, i will take you with me. i want you to stop using the te term war-time housing, there is no war-time housing in san francisco. they were all torn down in 1954 when the integration law was passed where we blacks can live next door to white folks. the public housing, san francisco redevelopment agency, they became public housing after 1954 for black folks. thank you very much, you need to know, and i want to give you the history of my community. because i have been here 70 years. thank you. >> all right, first of all those
who spoke and sat through this and all the departments and elected officials. i want to thank everyone. it's been an intense night. we got a lot of feedback and a lot of viewpoints. we have to continue working hard. we will be doing our best. and please again feel welcome to give us your input and keep working with us. that's the most important thing of these town hall meetings, we need your input and we will do our best. and keep working with us. thank you very much. good night.
(calling names) good evening everybody we're going to start for real this time. first, we want to thank the library for hosting this the library usually closed at 6 so we appreciate it. thank you for choosing to spend our monday night talking about the important issues of fiscal status of the city we with want to start with the mayor. good evening everyone. i'm ed lee i'm your mayor and, yes i'm i taller than you thought. my pleasure to be with you tonight we have the 6 and 7 townhalls throughout the city to
give you an important part of what we think about balancing the budget. let me be subtle canned indicted with you this city is on its way to economic recovery but we want everybody to be developed in this recovery. i'm glad to be joining supervisor rep 5 and 6 and, of course, supervisor mark farrell who's the chair of the committee for the board of supervisors. we're all making sure we're think spend the appropriate revenues but we do the budget it's the reflection of the values of what this city is all about we try to anticipate and
listen to what the community says it important to you. kate howard our budget director is going to go through what the budget repute but we want your feedback and we're holding those meetings around the city. i want to thank the riesh for oh, their site but giving you the biggest thanks coming out tonight. i know there's a lot of kids in the room so they want to and that we're the safe city and need the economics of the city to be sound but most importantly to be successful for everyone.
maybe you came from other cities by you believe that when you have decided to live in this wonderful city you also want to be part of a successful city and that means that anything you do should be reflexive of the welcoming of the city. so we're going to get going. i want to thank the department heads but we want to give the bulk of this time to all of you. and want to thank the office of the - the ambassador and they're here tonight to help people whose language is not the first language by to make sure you tell us what's the most and highest propriety. this is important to us. last year and the years in the
past we've listened carefully and we've had a more sensitive budget and that's our part. is a let me turn this over to supervisor representative districts 5 (clapping) >> hi i'll be brief like the mayor i can about how we allocate our resources. members of the board we look at what's most important to allocate our revenues the type of programs and i want to highlight a few things i'm going to be paying attention to. the department of health and family has said that the population in district 5 of children has decreased and
therefore the amount of funding for districts 5 is decreasing. i have some real concerns about making sure that we have quality programs and it can't be just about the number of served but the quantity. our at risk populations the kinds of things we deal with the reason we exercised a decrease in our homicide rate is because of all the great works of many of the folks in our district. i'm going to be paying attention to and in addition to the young people who are homeless in the hate. i think we have to look at the numbers of young folks who are over the age of 18 who are homeless who ran away because of
abusive relationships. we have to make sure we're looment resources to make sure we're addressing that issue. and one of the others things i've made clear is public housing is a priority to me. i'm proud to say that the mayor is working really hard. the issues of public housing is not an overnight problem nor will it be an overnight solutions. and the people those conditions impact that's a real priority for me. and one of the things we continue to negligent is our vulnerable senior population where have to protect
our most vulnerable population. i'm more excited to hear with you have to say and thank you all for being here. i want to turn it over to the budget chair mark farrell. >> thank you supervisor. don't we have a great new colleague in districts 5 everyone? so i'm the periphery for districts 2 and i'm serving as the budget chair on the board of supervisors. as mayor lee mentioned we're doing those hall meetings one on the internet and it's important to hear your concerns and your priorities in the communities. from my prospectiveful from the committee one i'll have an open
and transparent process we have committee meetings every week. number 2 we're going to manage our finances in a responsible manner. we're rover asia a city but we want to prepare for our kids as well as and we want to make sure that our budgets reflects the prospectives of every citizen in our city. i'll talk about this later. thank you all for coming tonight. >> we have one last person who would like to speak with us the fire chief.
>> hi everyone good evening. john an fire chief i'm concerned about the number of the people in the room. and it's all about safety i encourage you to sit in the seat and technically, if you don't have a seat i'm told we have an overflow room. i hear that's getting crowded too. i'm a mom of 3 kids and i love kids and this is making we concerned this is one of the concerns the exit is blocked. if we could get some people to help and getty people to go into the offer flow room it, it's not
safe right now. we want to hear from everyone and we'll work with the library but i'm conflicted right now. so thank you. >> so there are some enterprise seats we've got 4 in this little circle. raise your hand if there's an empty seat next to you or come on down.
>> so i'm now told that the overflow room is pretty sure reaching capacity. the mayor say if you are an city employee and not representing a department head please step out of the room we'll work with everyone but we're a little bit
overcrowded. >> so welcome everyone again thank you for coming to spend your monday with us in this way. i'm the director of programs with the united players we're a leadership in san francisco. i'm born and raised in san francisco. i want to say appreciate you that everyone came out today. everyone is not going to be able to speak but when you come in fill out a comment card and some of them will be randomly selected. and the cards will be shared with the supervisors so your voice will be heard. to get started i'm going to give
it to kate howard to educate us. >> hi ink i'm kate howard the mayors budget director. i want to let you know that supervisor kim is stuck in the land use committee oh, she's done she's coming over here. so i thought i would share with you san francisco's budget. and really a budget is a plan. it's a plan for how we're going to spend all the money that comes into the city. it's also a law that the board of supervisors has to adopt every year and it's the official authority to spend the money. so i thought i would do a quick
overview. as you know that san francisco say combined city and county. and it's about $7.4 million every year. we have to balance that budget for two years. we're trying to budget the 13, 14 and 15, 16. the majority of our spending is on transportation and that compromises a lot of our department and we spend things like the airport or the ports were we spend about fourteen
percent on public protection like police and fire and 20 percent on public health. sometimes, people asked me where do we get our money and it's from all of you the taxpayers provided the resources. but more specifically we get about in the general fund which is about 3 and a half billion dollars from property taxed and from business taxes we have the sales tax and hotel room tax. about one out $5 comes from the state or federal government. we pay all those taxes when the state government or federal government makes a change it
effects us. over the last few years we've taken some good steps to make our budget more sustainable and we have a 5 year outcome. and what i can see here is that over the next 5 years so the the light gray line on the right-hand side that's showing you what our expenditure productions are looking like and the dark gray line on the left is the revenues. so assembly over the next 5 years our expenditures are going to grow. the economy is starting to
recover but there's still is a gap between running the city's government and how much money we're going to take in. finally i justanted to share with you some of the information we have. as i mention balancing the budget is understanding the resources that are available and then thinking about how those reservoirs bit i fit together with the city's priority that's what we want i to talk about. but what's kind of interesting is the 311. 5 and 6 districts the most interesting issues are street cleaning and graffiti. if those are concerns we want to hear about them and other things. i also want to mention who you
have up here listening today but if we from the far left we have the juvenile division and the department of children maybe the whole back row. office of the economical department of emergency management. the department of building inspection, public works, the school district and our city librarian and host. i feel like a choir director we have the aging and adult services and child services the health department the adult
probation department the control and the mayors housing department. and finally we have recreation and park our supervisors and the police department you've already seen the fire chief. i also wanted to introduce the workforce development and the office of - that's everybody so without any further adieu let's hear from you >> thank you, my apologys for being late. i'm so proud we had such a great
turnout i was horrified that so many people had to leave but we're engaged in making the community where we want to live. i get a few minutes to speak i'm going to give you you a few minutes of my time you can come to talk to me anytime i want to thank my staff but this time is for you thank you for being here. >> thank you, thank you for that important information and thank you for the introduction apparently i just want to remind
le turn in a comment card and there's folks around the edge who will collect them. and that's transaction they're in the lobby and so we really want to thank them for that >> we will now hear from some folks and some short presentations and we'll open it up to the public comment. there's so many people in the room but we won't be able to hear from everyone we'll be drawing cards ran democratically but the cards that are not heard will be sent to our representatives so